About the author

Kuba Kucharski is a journalist by profession. In his professional career, he was involved in writing articles in the aviation and automotive industries. He collaborated with magazines and thematic portals in Great Britain, co-creating, among others lifestyle and travel portal addressed to the local Polish community. In his original project, which he called “Normal-Extraordinary”, he interviewed athletes who became famous in Poland and abroad. He deals with internet marketing on a daily basis.

An important breakthrough in the author’s life came during his stay in the United States when, while staying there on the Work & Travel program for students, he experienced crossing over New Orleans one of the largest hurricanes in the history of the United States – “Katrina”. Later, dramatic memories of this tragedy were the reason for the author’s numerous appearances on radio and television. His interest in these speeches prompted him to write the book “Hugged by Katrina”. It is not only a documentation of those dramatic days, but also an analysis of the causes and consequences of this catastrophic phenomenon, often referred to as the largest natural disaster in the history of the United States.