About the author

Kuba Kucharski is a journalist by profession. After graduating from college he worked as a reporter, mostly covering the aviation and automotive industry. He also collaborated with various magazines and thematic portals in Great Britain. For many years now he has been involved in online marketing.

In 2005, during his stay in the United States with the Work & Travel student program, he survived the attack of hurricane Katrina on New Orleans. This experience became a major turning point in his life. He later started to appear on numerous TV and radio shows, recounting his memories of this tragic event. His story generated so much interest that he decided to write it all down and publish his story in the form of a book. In the Grip of Katrina offers not only a detailed account of those dramatic days but also a thorough analysis of the causes and consequences of the deadly hurricane, considered one of the biggest natural disasters in the history of the United States.