Kuba Kucharski with the Cultural Award of the Mayor of Mrągowo

On November 23, 2020, Kuba Kucharski – the author of the first Polish book about the fate of students who survived the murderous hurricane “Katrina” in New Orleans, received the Cultural Award of the Mayor of the City of Mrągowo. The award for outstanding achievements in the field of artistic creation, dissemination and protection of culture of significant importance for the city of Mrągowo was presented to the resident of Mragowo by the mayor of Mr Stanisław Bułajewski. The Cultural Award has been awarded by the Mayor of Mrągowo since 2000. This year she found her way to Jakub Kucharski, a resident of Mragowo. Jakub Kucharski is a graduate of the 1st Secondary School of General Defenders of Westerplatte in Mrągowo. A journalist by profession. He studied at the Academy of Humanities in Warsaw. Bolesław Prus. He deals with internet marketing on a daily basis. Thirteen years after the events in New Orleans, in 2018 he published the book “In the grip of Katrina”, in which he described the events of the greatest hurricane in the history of the United States. The book is a documentation of the dramatic days he experienced himself. Read the full article on: